How To Apply

Under the Jobs Support Scheme, employers will get salary assistance for the first five thousand dollars of gross salary paid to their Singapore citizen and permanent resident employees in any given month. This also includes your Singapore Citizen and permanent resident employees from other countries.

The support scheme is for employees only. In this scheme, employers do not need to pay a recruitment levy to the government or pay to any recruitment agencies to hire foreign workers. The wage assistance lasts up to 17 months, from February to March next year.

Once the five thousand dollars is received, an employment agency will be assigned to the employee’s application. The agency will provide information on how the money is deposited to the employee’s account and how it is disbursed. There is a pre-determined number of transactions that must be done for the employee to qualify for the scheme. For every transaction, a pre-determined fee will be deducted from the wages earned, and the balance of the funds is given to the employer.

The Job Security Is Quite High Under The Jobs Scheme

In some cases, the employment agency will not approve an employee’s application if the person does not have enough income. If they find that the applicant does have enough income, the company can withdraw the funds from the account of the employee.

The employers who are looking to hire people who can work at low wages should contact an employment agency. They can look through the employment records of the agency and contact the employer who can then make arrangements with the agency to hire the applicant. The employee will be required to give written information that the company can check through the Internet to confirm their identity. The salary and other relevant documents can then be attached to the online form to be processed.

Before hiring an applicant through an employment agency, the employer should be sure about their background. Employment agencies can conduct thorough checks before hiring an applicant to ensure that the applicant is responsible and able to carry out the tasks assigned.

The scheme can be availed by the unemployed or job vacancies that do not require job seekers to leave their present jobs for a long period of time. There are certain rules that must be followed before availing this support scheme.

The first rule is that the scheme must be obtained from an agency that is approved by the government. The second rule is that the applicant should apply for the scheme before the employment is offered. The third rule is that an applicant must wait until the government approves the process. before starting any jobs related activity.

The agencies can apply for a grant or credit card directly with the government or through the Employment and Development Department (EDD). However, most of the applicants have to apply through an agency because the government provides the service directly. If you wish to apply for an employment support scheme through an agency, make sure that you choose a reputed agency.

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